In an EA shareholder meeting concerning the  PS4, EA’s CTO Rajat Taneja said, “[PS4 and next Xbox are] between 8 and 10 times the power [of previous gen]“, “We no longer have to constrain our games. 1080p, 60FPS…”

You can get the Full HD experience with BF4, not just 720P upscaled.
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Happy 4th of July!
Just months ago, EA had said they were not interested in the Wii U and the Frostbite engine will not work with Wii U. Now they are saying it's a possibility.
"Electronic Arts released Mass Effect 3 and FIFA 13 for the Wii U, but currently we're focusing our resources on Xbox One and PS4, so it's a fact that the priority (of the Wii U) is slightly lower. However making Frostbite 3 work on the Wii U is not impossible. Where there are gamers, we'll be there as well."

 In an Interview with IGN, Frank Gibeau talks about the greatness of the Battlefield series.
There’s no other shooter on the market that does what Battlefield does,” Gibeau told IGN. “The mix of vehicles and infantry combat with fully destructible environments in very large levels, nobody matches that. Until they do, we have a unique position, and I think we have a great position. From Bad Company to Bad Company 2 to Battlefield 3, we’ve grown that business from 3 million units to 18 million plus. The quality has gotten better. The technology has gotten better. We’ve done new things with the experience. We don’t feel like we’ve reached a barrier that says, ‘oh, we’re out of ideas to innovate.’ I think the idea that in real time, you knock a skyscraper down right into the middle of the level, it completely changes the whole game. You can imagine. And be rest assured that we have more levels like that.”

“Our idea is to leap ahead using gen 4 and Frostbite 3 to drive the shooter category and grow Battlefield and give fans what they want,” he said. “We feel very confident that we’ll be able to continue to make better and better Battlefields. At the same time, we have a great rotation. We’ve got Battlefield. We’ve got Titanfall. We’ve got Battlefront. We feel pretty good about that mix. They all do something very different. That’s the trick. The more that these things feel the same, that’s when the category starts to fall away. I don't see that happening yet. I think we’ve got plenty of opportunity in gen 4, with eight times the computing power of the last gen, plus all the new online features, plus a lot of things like SmartGlass integration with Commander mode, where we’re going to continue to give shooter fans and those big franchise buyers bigger and bigger experiences.”

EA's Patrick Soderlund comments why Xbox One gets a timed exclusive DLC.

"For the release of “Second Assault”, maintaining the cooperation with Microsoft is one of the reasons [it's released there first], but it’s also partly because the multiplayer of BF3 has been strongly supported by the Xbox community, and we’re showing gratitude for that support."
He also goes on to say that they want to maintain a good business relationship with Microsoft.

We don't know how much earlier the DLC will come out before other systems. 
Read more about BF4's Second Assault DLC.
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AusGamers: Have you had a good E3 so far? 

Aleksander Grøndal: Yes, it’s been awesome! The reaction so far has been great. We’re here with 64 playable stations, including two commanders, and so far it’s been spectacular. 

AusGamers: What has the feedback been from players, getting into the big 64 player battle? 

Aleksander: It’s been overwhelming positive, I would say. I guess people didn’t know what to expect, and now that they’ve seen what we’ve shown, it seems like we’ve delivered on their expectations. 

AusGamers: You guys tend to focus on showing the big cinematic single-player stuff -- it’s kind of a staple for the military shoote r-- but then you suddenly come out and go, “Oh no... by the way, here’s 64 players”. Is there a reason you don’t come out with multiplayer first? Is there a philosophy behind that? 

Aleksander Grøndal: I think when we go back to that exact question, we analyse what we think we should be leading with, and...

Players in Europe will be getting Battlefield 3 free for this months free games, as well as, Payday The Heist, Saints Row the Third, Unit 13, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus.
Many players feel that EU has a better Plus Service, all you need to do is make an account and say you're in Europe, sign up for their Playstation Plus, then log on with your US account and play the EU games on your system.
According to an analyst's by Arvind Bhatia of Sterne Agee, Battlefield will sell 14 Million copies during its launch this fall. Bhatia also believes that most of the sales will happen on PC. Battlefield 3 sold over 10 million copies in it's first week and has sold over 20 million copies total, as well as having over 4 million premium subscribers.

"Battlefield 4™ Second Assault will be available post launch first for Xbox One consumers. This Premium expansion pack will feature four of the most fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3, redesigned to take advantage of our advanced Frostbite 3 engine and enhanced to include new multiplayer features from Battlefield 4."
We know 3 of the maps will be Operation Metro, Operation Firestorm, and Caspian Border.